Bullet Style, SDI-HD, 1080P Camera with 2.8-10mm varifocal lens & IR

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Product Description

For current owners of CCTV surveillance networks, the upgrade path from a standard CCTV camera network to an IP based network can represent daunting challenges. For these clients, SDI technology offers an easy to use alternative. The biggest advantage, when installed networks are concerned, is the plug-and-lay aspect of SDI. They use common coaxial cables, so there is no need to lay new cables if you are replacing a current. They don’t use IP connections, so there is no need to call in an network specialist to set up your DVR or remote viewing equipment.

SDI – Serial Data Interface

Sometimes called Serial Digital Interface, the SDI format provides an easy to implement method of connecting advanced CCTV cameras to existing and new security networks. They use coaxial cable, so if you already have a network that uses coaxial cable you don’t have to replace them. This means savings, especially on long cable runs. No new cable required, no new installers (labor charge). SDI security cameras connect directly to coax.

Bigger than 1/3″, Brighter, the NEW 1/2.8″ Sensor

The image pickup at the front end of this camera uses a 1/2.8″ Sony™ sensor, larger than a 1/3″ sensor, brighter, with more data/light collecting suface. This means a better video  picture, more accurate color reproduction, and better contrast, making tasks like facial recognition much easier.

True High Definition 1920x1080p Picture

Not only do you get true high definition (progressive scan)  video, this camera comes with an OSD menu that lets you fine tune the camera. You can set up digital wide dynamic range (DWDR), Sens-Up, 2D & 3D digital noise reduction, backlight compensation (BLC) and more.

Varifocal Lens and IR Subsystem

This camera can be used inside or out. The front end contains an infrared LED array, aided by a mechanical IR filter, for zero-light operation. A 2.8-10mm varifocal lens lets the user adjust near/far for better focus and adjusting the field of view.

Compatible with Rappix DVRs

The Rappix DVR series records at 1080P and D1, and provides and HDMI video output. Customers using a Rappix DVR and a single SDI camera in their existing security network will always come back and ask for more.


  • 1/2.8″ color Sony™ Exmor 2.2 Megapixel CMOS video sensor
  • Progressive Scan High Definition Video Image
  • 2.8-10mm varifocal lens
  • SDI
  • 1920×1080 @ 30fps (1080p)
  • 0.1 LUX (color)
  • Auto-electronic shutter, Sens-Up
  • Auto white balance
  • 2D & 3D Noise Reduction
  • 30 Infrared LEDs
  • Mechanical IR cut filter
  • OSD Menu
  • Power: 12VDC