Network Video Recorders (NVR)

NVRs for IP Security Camera Systems

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A standalone Network Video Recorder System (NVR) is usually Linux Embedded and in some cases can be Windows based. An NVR is used for IP Security Camera Systems and other Network Surveillance System Applications. The standalone NVR System is much like the DVR System (Digital Video Recorders) by offering on-board storage, a set number of camera support and other primary software functions for video recording, playback, and live viewing. The standalone Network Video Recorders also offer remote applications from Client Side Software to Web-based applications for remote viewing and system interaction.

Hybrid NVRs offer a level of flexibility by allowing clients to mix and match analog or IP cameras based on specific needs.

Additionally, some more sophisticated surveillance applications, due to the required amount of storage capacity and bandwidth will require a custom built server running NVR Software. In both cases NVR systems are currently available in various types including but not limited to:

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