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CCTV security camera lenses come in various types including micro lens, fixed focus lens, varifocal lens, pinhole lens, manual iris lens, auto iris lens, Megapixel lens, IR-sensitive lens, C-mount lens, CS-mount lens and motorized lens. Surveillance Technology offers every size of CCTV security camera lens, from micro board lenses to 1/4, 1/3,1/2 and 2/3 inch CCD security camera lenses. We carry all major brand names from Tamron, Fujinon, Bosch, Pelco, Panasonic, Computar, Rainbow, Samsung, Eclipse, Sanyo and many more.

Please Contact Us in Tampa, Clearwater or St Petersburg for your specific needs. We have over 45 years of experience and believe in a consultative approach for each and every CCTV security camera and lens installation.

The images depicted below were taken from a 40-foot distance to provide an example of how different lenses will affect the cameras focal point.

4mm Lens
Picture Area
49’w X 35’h

6mm Lens
Picture Area
29’w X 21’h

8mm Lens
Picture Area
22’w X 16’h

15mm Lens
Picture Area
12’w X 9’h

55mm Lens
Picture Area
3.5’w X 2.25’h